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    I'm Constanza Segovia, a designer & artist from Mendoza, Argentina now working in Hartford, CT. I doodle a lot. constanza.gsegovia@gmail.com
Yup, I’m old.
caged lamp, i should make one.

From Pottery Barn

Killer clams!!!!
I want to make the internet.

That’s pretty much it. Not much of a writer. I went to an event tonight that was all about web design and web typography and I was so excited, in a super specific, technical, work-related way. I was starting to think that I liked web design more t…

Spotted at the “dump” last summer
Design is Love, from the archives.
I was listening to Mos Def and the phone rang…
gum wrapper.
At the Book Barn 4
At the Book Barn 4 – shiiiile po’
At the Book Barn 3
At the Book Barn
The book barn
Fried stuff!
Snack Time!
Just found out about Charles Bragg, so good!
Still Life with medals (at the loxal dive bar, parte II)
Park Rd, with Taqueria sign
Park Road, Hartford CT
Still trying…
Lilah!!!! She wants to play…
Naked old ladies!
Un vinito
Recuerditos de Mexico
The kevin special
Aiga CT meeting