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    I'm Constanza Segovia, a designer working in Hartford, CT. I doodle a lot.
A little video I made: Doodles!

Drawing the Riverfront

Did a couple of paintings for Riverfront Recapture in Hartford. They’re a great organization that puts on events by the Connecticut River throughout the year, and is working towards making the city’s riverfront more accessible, beautiful, and fun.

Hartford Winterfest Illustration

Had a lot of fun making this illustration for one of the funnest things to happen at Bushnell Park all year. Winterfest is an ice skating rink that is completely free and open everyday (or so) through the winter. It’s wonderful and always packed on the weekends, specially around the holidays.

Hartford Envisionfest 2015

The iQuilt Partnership throws this event every year to celebrate walkability, arts, and culture in Downtown Hartford. This year, they hired me to walk around and draw everything I saw. Wish they would have the food trucks on Gold Street more often, and bring in more food from neighborhood restaurants—so much great stuff in our city, beyond Read more

Yale World Fellows Conference 2013: Rethink Development

Live doodling the “Rethink Development” panel discussion at Yale. October, 2013.

Doodles from Yale World Fellows Panel: Rethink Women

I was asked to live doodle the Yale World Fellows Conference in October 2013.

Flip Book Mural in Copenhagen

(via Atlantic Cities)

Ear Cave Doodles : June 2013

*you are here*

Another thing that I did at work that didn’t make it to the final.

[work] discards + accidents v.2

[work] discards + accidents

Yes it is (I love you, Louise Bourgeois)

Louise Bourgeois, Art is a Guarantyof Sanity, 2000, Pencil on pink paper, 27.9 x 21.5 cm. Collection Museum of Modern Art, New York, Photo: Christopher Burke. —— Louise Bourgeois, Femme Maison, 1947, ink on paper, 9-15/16 x 7-1/8 in., Solomon …

Techonological Mandalas by Leonardo Ulian

Read more here: http://www.thisiscolossal.com/2012/09/technological-mandalas-made-from-soldered-computer-components/

head dump : 091712

plants / texture / life / breathing / hair / skin /death

The Swell Season poster: love this illustration

by http://www.dkngstudios.com/

Will you look at those faces?

Kyle Field : http://www.kyledraws.com/index3c.htmlFolksword Preservation Esq. 2008 | 10″ x 7″ | Ink and watercolor on paper(via http://www.taylordecordoba.com/site/current/ )( via

There’s something about this:

sorry there’s no credit, found it online without a source listed.



Oh hi
Bye, work.

Behind the studio

Dream Greenhouse, cont.

At FM House & Studio earlier today.

Greenhouse of my dreams.
A bowl, with water.


Fun afternoon at the Frelinghuysen Morris House, highly recommended.
Bench, with horses.
Making empanadas
“The Duck Tomato”
pretty light

Taken at Home.

¡Buen día, Hartford!

Taken at Sol De Boriquen Bakery

Goodbye Lamp, Table and Curtains. #bdayjoyride #portland #airbnb #missyoualready
Good morning, Portland. #bdayjoyride #artbooks #theplacewhereIstayediscool
New favorite thing: handmade Facebook signs #bdayjoyride #portland #thumbsup #betterthanQRcodes
Oxbow Farmhouse Pale #bdayjoyride #portland #localbrew

Taken at Novare Res Bier Cafe

3:20 PM #bdayjoyride #portland #lunch

Taken at Pai Men Miyake

He left his old job to join a commune in South Portland, is now a big advocate for veganism. #bdayjoyride #wherearetheynow

Taken at Willard Square

Cumpliéndolos feliz a los años, como me han dicho que se hace. #bdayjoyride #readingspot

Taken at Fort Williams Park

Reading spot, Maine ed. #bdayjoyride #southportland

Taken at Fort Williams Park

#bdayjoyride #iphonesarefun
#bdayjoyride #portland
Lines. #portland #bdayjoyride #sunset
Beautiful view from a random, unexpected place. #portland #bdayjoyride #parkinggarage
Portland West End. #portland #bdayjoyride #thomaskinkade
Thirty. #portland #bdayjoyride #gintonic

Taken at The Dogfish Café

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